Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck CNG Features

Style & Comfort

Save Fuel with Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck
  • Robust front grille
  • Comfortable cabin space
  • Ventillation slits for better in-cabin air circulation


Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Rear-end Payload
  • 1 ton payload to carry more
  • Powerful 52 kW (70 HP) DI engine
  • Torque of 180 Nm for greater pulling power
  • Top speed of 100 km/hr
  • 5 speed gearbox


Save Fuel with Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck
  • Saves for you
  • The Bolero Maxi Truck comes CNG powered. That means maximum savings for you. In fact, just one filing of CNG lets you go on for 250 km without halting. The result; you save up to 15% of fuel costs.
  • Saves nature
  • This vehicle doesn’t just save for you, it saves nature too. The Bolero Maxi Truck conforms to the BS4 norms. This means fewer emissions. And a greener environment.


Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Safety Features
  • 15" wheel rims for better grip
  • Battery cut of switch to isolate battery from electric system
  • Automatic engine shut-off when filling CNG
  • Built-in speed governor to keep a check on speed
Available in following variants: Bolero Maxi Truck Plus Standard and Bolero Maxi Truck Plus Power Steering

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